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Yoursex videochat free

So it's not triggered by web request, executed, killed but instead runs in the background as a process (service, daemon).In order to run it you need to execute command from the linux shell.

For that reason you will be forced to use HTTPS protocol only.

The class has to implement interface Mg RTC\Friendlist\Callable Interface and has to implement single function: If Mg RTC\Session\Auth Facebook2 active then this is required.

Defines facebook app information of a custom app on Facebook platform.

This class is in charge to answer if one user is able to call/see other.

For example, even when two users are connected in the same room your custom class could decide if they are able to see/chat with each other.

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The user which runs websocket cli server must have permissions to read php session files in order for this code to work.

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