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KIIS's closest competitor is -Inside Billboard- AOR formatted KLOS. In New York, Malntes W'HTZ (Z-IOO) and ABC's WPLJ rank first and third with a 6.6 and S 3 respec- tively For 'PU. this is its best book, just a shade behind the 5.4 of RKOs urban-formatted WRKS (Kiss). Aooia tjrjoo 6 4 JOSE JOSE Secrrm « ' SOO0 6 7 9 13 LOS ANGELES NEGR0S 20 antoi. A AM L h Ma A II l A J ran i»w Am.) YOUR LOVTS GOT A HOLD ON ME-i M IM.

Contemporary hits aren't so domi- nant in Chicago, but show a rosy hue nevertheless. Advertisement) At the heart of it all— ten totally new Barbra Streisand songs _News Merchandisers Ask Crackdown On Sale Of Promotional Product l BIGGER WORLD VIEW — Motown executives meet with RCA brass to dis- cuss a longterm contract whereby RCA will distribute Motown product outside North America and Africa. "We've just finished the best week and the best single day in the history -of MCA Records," Records Group president Irving Axoff reported. Pfolono 90348 4 12 JULIO IGLESIAS S S LANI HALL Y CAMILO 1.100 Beuj» Place. Oraon 9004 LOS Y0NICS 7 9 RUDY »odv »c« 1113 Ya no mo betes.

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senior vice president at Sony Consumer Prod- ucts Co. Sony will join with CBS Records in making available one each of up to 30 software titles at 57 99 each to all purchasers of Sony players from Nov.

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