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Finally, in the aftermath of 9/11, you must also have in your possession a drivers license or othergovernment issued ID containing your photograph.

You must have your airman certificate and it must be appropriate to the aircraft and type of flying you are doing. It must be the original certificate issued by your Airman Medical Examiner and it must also be current and appropriate to the type of flying you are doing.

The aircraft’s airworthiness certificate will likely be inspected as well.

Here again, make sure the N−number on the certificate matches the N−number on the aircraft data plate.

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This seems like a “no−brainer”, but you would be surprised how many pilots are flying with sectional charts that are several years old or instrument approach plates that are more than 56 days old.Additional aircraft documents that are fair game during a ramp check include the operator/flight manual, or operating limitations if the aircraft is a homebuilt aircraft, and the aircraft’s weight and balance information.For certificated aircraft, the weight and balance information should be in the manual. Personal Documents When you fly an aircraft, you must have certain personal documents in your possession. Some of those items and how you produce them for the FAA inspector are discussed below. Much of it is information all pilots learned, or should have learned, when they learned how to fly.

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