Wpf combobox not updating when source updates dating in meeting usa site

Posted by / 12-Jan-2020 11:39

I am using INotify Property Changed in my code behind to notify when "Selected Person" is changed.

This allows us to set the Current Item from the View Model as well as get notified whenever the Current Item changes.

In other words: the property named My Value never gets set. It is just a simple Window with a Data Grid contained. It contains the main Window ctor which just sets up a Data Context.

It took me hours now and I have no clue why this doesn't work. The Data Grid has a template column where Cell Template and Cell Editing Template are set. My Item is the row's datamodel supporting INotify Property Changed.

While there are lots of examples of how to do this with Text boxes, List boxes, and even master-detail views, it seems that examples for binding Combo boxes are a little thin on the ground.

What I wanted to do was bind the items in the Combo Box to a list in my View Model and to track the currently selected item.

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The approach I went with uses a Collection View which is a class included with .

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