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Wii key updating

Drivekey, the world’s first entirely solder-less and absolutely no clip modification chip to the Nintendo Wii, has now arrived on the shelves of online stores and ready to take over the market after so much of its pre-launch hype.

It continues to stay the only solution for Wii DVD-ROM drives like D3 aka D2nothing that had some extra anti-piracy features implemented and leads the future of 4th generation modchips for the Wii .

The flexcable which is given along looks a bit thin and can easily break on bending.

It is surely going to take over the market and consumers who can’t take risk with their Wii will go for it only.

Wii Key Features Direct Boot of Wii original, import, and backup games Direct Boot of Gamecube™ original, import, and backup games Supports multi-disc games Supports dual-layer discs Fully configurable update blocker Fully configurable region override Works on all Wii drives (D2C, D2C-2, D2E, D3/D2nothing, DMS, D2A, D2B) Works on all Wii regions (USA, PAL, JAP, KOREA) Compatible with D2E "epoxy" drives (no need to remove epoxy) Compatible with D2B "cut pin" drives Firmware can be updatable from DVD-R Plug-and-play 5 minute installation Fully configurable via built-in config menu.

( Go to Wii disc channel and press eject 3 times to load configuration menu) Can disable Drive Key via the config menu - stealth operation Config option to autoboot Wii discs (insert the disc, the game will load immediately!

So, it can really disappoint some of the hard core fans of Game Cube for not having the streaming audio.

However, by using older Game Cube tools, you can manually change the streaming audio settings for preventing the stammering sound.

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Even if the more new versions of Wii’s will come out, buyers won’t remain ‘high and dry’ with a useless chip because of the utility of updating it through a DVD or a JTAG programmer.

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