Why interracial dating is good

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Why interracial dating is good

The media, over the years, has also gradually been catching up with this, with TV shows/films showing more interracial couples and news articles proudly proclaiming that interracial marriages have never been at an all-time high. Why is it that whenever a minority character is shown with someone else, it's always with a white partner, and not with anyone else, not even someone from their own race?Why is the Asian woman always portrayed as overtly sexy, attractive, and available to white men, while Asian men are portrayed as geeky, unattractive nerds or crazy freaks who are shown as the show's joke and never portrayed as anything other than undesirable?Go back to 1988 when Public Enemy had us saying we are family, we should fight for Africa and the black man and woman need to stay together.NWA came out and started attacking black women calling them b*tches and hoes.”Does this sound familiar?

And let's be completely honest, shouldn't it already ring a few bells of alarm that the biggest supporter of interracial marriage for all minority groups is a racist entertainment industry led primarily by racist white men? Here is an interview with some Brazilian Celebs about the ideology of interracial marriage in that society which parallels some attitudes here.

Former model and actress Tyra Banks wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal in which she predicted that dark skin will be rare in the near future.

“Typical features and coloring will lean toward a Rihanna or Beyoncé or me kind of look.

And the Native, in the racial hierarchy, is to be wiped out.

I knew for sure which side I was on when the only US made hair dye that worked on my hair was "Dark and Lovely".

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