Who was jim jones dating before chrissy

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Who was jim jones dating before chrissy

“Not only are you a manager, but you’re an advisor, you’re a friend, you’re a counselor, you’re a therapist, so in that moment it was ‘let me keep Jim out of jail before hurting somebody over at .” In terms of dealing with Jones’ mom, specifically, Yandy says she's learned that there's not much in the way of solutions.

Yandy admits to MTV News that as Jim Jones' manager, her job often finds her in the middle of sticky situations.

A portion of that interview is below.[Y]ou said on the show that you didn’t work.

I came up in a time when that’s what men did and aspire to do. [Before] I was never a person that didn’t have anything.

I think that’s a critical time when they need to be given the tools to make wise decisions. What do you want people to know about you so they can stop assuming? She says a lot ended up on the cutting floor and the show was shaped to make her look like the bad guy. It’s crazy to hear her blaming VH1 and not herself. I don’t know her…I haven’t heard anything great about her. I wish they would make it more even…a little bit of positive and a little drama. They show one aspect of my life, which is the drama I go through with females that I don’t know. IS KIMBELLA NOW SINKING TO ERICA’S LEVEL OR IS SHE JUSTIFIED WITH HER COMMENTS?

I’m trying to get into charity work for young girls at the age where they’re old enough to want to do it and too young to do anything about their lives. She seemed to start going in on you as soon as you opened you mouth and it was your first REAL time meeting?! She doesn’t know how to conduct herself as a lady and it showed. I tried to stay classy but she tried my patience and crossed the line. What did I do to Chrissy or Erica for them to do this to me? YBF: Some people think she’s just purposely causing drama to get a permanent slot on the show and make a name for herself. You had a fight on your very first episode of this season with Chrissy. And do you plan to do another season with these ladies? We had a lot of positive things go on but the producers chose to focus on the drama. DO YOU BELIEVE THAT CHRISSY IS THAT SECURE IN HER RELATIONSHIP WITH JIM?

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Remember, in order to be a victim like that, you have to do something. When I flew out here, I run into Chrissy’s best friend. But, what’s weird about this situation, Chrissy never denied the allegations, if you watch the clip she does say to Jim that his mom brought up, “that situation,” to Rene but that’s all we get.

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