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“So it’s unfortunate that a very loud few seem to speak for everyone on social media.Our joke is that Sara could rescue 30 kittens from a burning treehouse, post a photo on Instagram, and they’d be, like, ‘She’s growing her eyebrows out.’TEGAN AND SAR A MAY be done tracking who loves them—and how much—but there’s no question their base is expanding. That’s how long it takes Tegan and Sara Quin, quick with a joke and a smile, to win over the half-dozen women assembled to take their picture in a studio off Los Angeles’s Santa Monica Boulevard. For the next five hours, surrounded by racks of clothing and platters of Mexican takeout, they roll out a take-no-prisoners charm offensive.A Snapchat tutorial is held, restaurant recommendations shared, and compliments dispensed about the makeup that’s being applied, the outfits that are being pulled and the photos that are being selected.Despite those growing pains, Tegan and Sara embraced the change—and the potential for ongoing evolution.

I have different influences and influencers in my world right now, and so this makes complete sense.

They’re the perfect hosts, even though they’re the guests.

An anecdote is told about Mickey— one of Sara’s two Internet-famous cats and the subject of copious amounts of fan art—who, the previous evening, had taken a flying leap from the deck of the Silverlake home Sara shares with her girlfriend, Stacy Reader.

“The people at that barbecue understand that by supporting us, they can get their subversive message out there.

Katy Perry doesn’t say ‘Welcome the queer band Tegan and Sara!

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