Who is queen latifa dating

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Who is queen latifa dating

If you haven’t already heard, the Queen’s been outed. Last week paparazzi photos leaked of Queen Latifah sharing an intimate moment with her “personal trainer” and rumored long-time love Jeanette Jenkins, while celebrating Alicia Keys’ wedding aboard a French yacht.In the photos, the two look like any ordinary couple on vacation; in one, Latifah (who’s real name is Dana Owens) appears to help Jenkins adjust her bathing suit.She played her role so convincingly that many thought the actress herself was gay.However, after she was asked about her sexuality, she simply dismissed the question.That’s when both the gay rumors and the critical acclaim began in earnest. For her part, Latifah has steadfastly refused to either confirm or refute people’s suspicions. All of these people in her business–who is she dating? But whether she chooses to address the photos or not, we shouldn’t be chasing people out of the closet who make it clear that, at least publicly, they want to stay there.

Just a few years after her graduation, in 1989 to be precise, she released her debut album by the name of All Hail the Queen. Y., Oscar-nominated role in Chicago, as well as critically acclaimed roles in Life Support and Bessie.

Days before the photos were released online, Gawker had even included her and Jenkins in its list of rumored same-sex couples who should get married in California.

For that matter, Latifah’s all but acknowledged her relationship with Jenkins in the course of her coy refusals to discuss it directly.

The legendary actress, singer and talk show host Queen Latifah is no exception to this.

Check out our Queen Latifah biography and find out more about your favourite artist.

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In others, the two are holding each other by the waists, smiling.

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