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The dance was used as the artistic piece for the 1985 World Championships which they won for the second year in a row.

The spectacular finale piece for Torvill and Dean's first World Tour involving Torvill and Dean spinning like heavenly bodies with half a dozen fliers around them in orbit on wires.

They repeat the lift during the 1993 Skates of Gold Exhibition in Boston USA when they take to the ice with their peers from their amateur period: Marina Klimova & Sergei Ponomarenko, and Natalia Bestemianova and Andrei Bukin.

They incorporated the same lift into a re-worked version of Bolero for the 2007 series of Dancing on Ice.

It was one of the most popular achievements in the history of British sport, watched by a British television audience of 24 million people.

Torvill and Dean turned professional after their 1984 Olympic win and under then existing Olympic Committee rules their professional status made them ineligible to compete in the Olympics again.

The piece contains a unique move of technical balance, design, and strength, whereby Dean lifts Torvill feet-first, allowing her to take hold of his lower calf.

He then lifts his one leg back with Torvill held horizontal across his body as he completes the lift gliding forward on one leg.

The world is actually physically represented in the piece by large globe lit up inside and suspended by a wire (controlled by a boom operator) orbiting Torvill and Dean throughout the dance.After parting from Hutchenson, Torvill continued to skate on her own for a while before teaming up with Dean in 1975.On placing 5th in the 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid, New York, Dean gave up his job as a policeman and Torvill gave up hers as an insurance clerk to skate together full-time.The dance is extremely graceful, with many unusual lifts and intricate moves.The costumes were white, with Jayne wearing a white headscarf adorned with a gold coronet.

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The costumes consisted of both Jayne and Chris wearing billowing orange/red trousers with brief top pieces adorned with India jewels.