Who is hayley williams dating 2016

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Who is hayley williams dating 2016

She drinks herbal tea with an antibacterial Manuka honey.

Sources close to Hayley have confirmed she is not a virgin and didn't specify whether it was by her current boyfriend Chad Gilbert.

Hayley is known for her unique voice, primarily a soprano singer with a four-octave range she possesses a unique vocal dexterity that helps her switch pitches and land on impressive tones.

She is well known for her acrobatic and unorthodox style with her vocal qualities being described by many as lithe and versatile.

Her musical career didn’t kick off until high profile managers Dave Steunebrink and Richard Williams signed the then 14-year-old to her first production deal.

Hayley Williams was signed and introduced to the popular record label Atlantic Records by new manager Jason Flom.

Beyond her musical career, Hayley has business interests in a cosmetic line which manufactures beauty products, ranging from hair dyes to makeup products.

Her throat and body do not allow her to eat after 8 pm (most of the time), as she gets acid reflux.

Hayley never forgets to have breakfast to remain healthy.

Hayley Nichole Williams was born on the 27 of December 1988 to Joey Williams and Christi Williams.

She was born in Meridian, Mississippi and was the only child until her parents’ divorce in 2002.

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The continuous motivation from her fans keeps her going and an hour long cardio session makes her feel good.

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