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Who is greg biffle dating

Somehow, the woman escaped the hotel room after being held hostage for some time. was apprehended by police and take into custody with a ,000 bail set for his release.

Undeniably the winningest and most recognizable name on this list, Kurt Busch has been the poster child for swings of fortune throughout a career.

Biffle was ordered to pay 0,001 to Lunders as payment for actual and punitive damages.

Greg Biffle took victory in his first NASCAR start since the end of the 2016 Cup season by triumphing in Friday night's Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway.

He then flew her to West Palm Beach and illegally broke into her hotel room.

Regardless, while Junior's eccentricity is cool, and just another interesting aspect to an all-around good guy, in some drivers the eccentricity crosses the line into genuine creepy terrain.

I'm facing jail time."For years, Warren was known for driving in NASCAR's Winston Cup Series from 1963 to 1980.

Though he never reached Victory Lane, he did complete over 88,000 laps, reaching 8th in the championship rankings in 1971.

Two years after his retirement, though, Biffle's personal life was dragged into public view.

News broke that he was being sued by his ex-wife Nicole Lunders for violating her privacy, a claim she made after finding security cameras had been installed in the couple's home bedroom and bathroom without her knowledge.

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He's a former NASCAR Cup champion whose private life made the front page when he was accused of domestic violence by ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll.

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