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The documentary shows Monaghan travelling to various locations such as Venezuela and Ecuador to film and interact with the exotic and often dangerous local wildlife.

He was named as part of the cast for the last film in the sequel trilogy which is Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, reuniting with J. He owns a small forest in India, and has worked with the animal rights group PETA.It was part of a programme called REESES Puff's Extraordinary Cinema (where the teens replace the pros). In 2010, Monaghan and Megan Fox made an appearance as a couple in an abusive relationship in the music video for rapper Eminem's song "Love the Way You Lie".Scenes include the celebrities on top of a liquor store.While appearing as a guest, Monaghan stated "It's the best fantasy football podcast out there".Monaghan is the voice of Sightseeing Manchester's bus tour, recorded in March 2016.

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He also provided the narration for The Discovery Channel's documentary Devil's Bible in 2008.

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