Weather not updating

Posted by / 18-Sep-2019 12:37

Or call AT&T (umm...luck with that one, but please try).

A good many i Phone users are reporting on Apple Support that Weather widget is not working on i OS 11 or later. Hence, I remember the tricks that fixed the Weather widget issue on my i Phone. Before trying out some radical solutions, let’s start from the scratch to ensure you don’t need to dig deeper. Swipe right from the left of the screen to go to Lock screen. Now, you need to scroll down all the way to the bottom and tap on Edit. When you allow the Weather app to always access your location, local weather will always be kept updated. Which one of these tricks has worked in fixing the problem?I have been following this problem for over a month now. As you can tell by reading my posts, I have pretty much tried every tip that there is out there to fix this problem.Also, as I have said..problem is not with your phone...lies somewhere with AT&T's network, or there is sort of breakdown between AT&T's network and Yahoo's weather server.There seem to be no reported problems with Verizon or Sprint. If so, I encourage you to make a little visit there. Chances are better than good that they will claim to know NOTHING of the problem.My sister is on Sprint, and I have several friends on Verizon. They will ask you if you have updated to the latest software..may offer to do a "hard reset" or some other form of action to your phone. Please try and direct someone there who may have some sense and an open ear to this and the other aforementioned threads.

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If anyone else has another suggestion, I'll give it a try. Bones Ncode, The iphone weather app is different but please clarify your issues: if it's not updating, make sure data is on (LTE/3G). I am not experincing this, though i have an i Phone 4S with i OS 6.0.1. I must conclude, that this is either an ios 6 specific issue (my weather app on my iphone 4 worked fine until upgrading to ios 6) OR it is an issue with the AT&T and Yahoo weather (they provide the app's weather data) servers. What's interesting is I did a settings reset (network settings reset before to no avail), and the initial cities (Cupertino and NYC) in the weather app updated fine.