We are in the process of updating your account xm

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We are in the process of updating your account xm

I called and spoke with a representative and supervisor in the Customer Care Billing Department, and explained the situation but without resolution because they informed that I NEVER called to cancel.

If I had known with a free trial I would have had this many issues with XM Radio, I would have NEVER accepted the trial offer.

The offer never said anything about automatic renewal at the regular rate, I found out later in the call.

(I am in sales and can smell a scam.) So I said never mind, I am not interested.

Well, they took out of my account .24, .97, & 1! I had canceled the lifetime plan because I was not paying what I was told and went to the year plan for both yet I cannot get them to refund my money!

I have called every day since 8/30 and keep getting the runaround, told different things by everyone I speak to, been lied to, hung up on, you name it!

Regional Manager names for direct customer interaction (they can fill you in on more detail should you need it).

I couldn't get good reception and cancelled the service.

I have been with XM for over 4 years and love the radio and never had any problems until now.

Sirius keeps sending a refresh signal but to no avail.

MB service does not seem to have a clue and wants me to bring it in for a diagnostic. Acquiring signal makes me think its an issue with the antenna wire/connection but the "updating channels" message means the antenna is working. Unless the signal is hanging on by a thread and trying to update the channels but it cant hold a signal long enough to download the update. There is likely an issue in the connection from the antenna to the radio -- unless you can tear apart your car and chase that wire, you're going to have to bring it in anyway. I own an 09 C300 MB and cannot seem to get any help from MB or Sirius for a problem with this service.

I have also filed a complaint with the BBB and FTC!!

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I bought a new Honda in April. We decided to save the money and not use it after it stopped. I received numerous offers in the mail, never accepted them. I decided not to do it, the sales pitch was getting shady.

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