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Wale dating tiara thomas

20), MTV News has learned that he and Tiara have split."To me, Tiara Thomas is one of the most talented people I've ever met in my life," Rico told MTV News exclusively."To watch her in the studio, to watch her write a song, to watch her on the stage, to listen to her tone of voice, to listen how she transitions -- like a person who raps and sings equally good, that's very rare." Though he acknowledges all of Tiara's talents, Love -- who has penned and produced hits for Usher, Beyoncé and French Montana -- says that the two have different visions for the future."I just think that musically I have an idea on who I think she should be and she has an idea on who she thinks should be and we just don't agree on it," he said, confirming that he released Thomas from the label.How many of us wonder how far we would go to get that guy we like?It happens very often, that we see the same guy walk around the hall and you daydream wondering if he ever notices you.

We would all see him on our way to math class on the third floor.Little did I know that this would change the way I view this guys forever. Hot Stuff’s attention and take him to bed, and if I didn’t my cousin would tell my parents about me sleeping with that one Jock I mentioned in one of my previous blogs.You are probably asking “Why would someone do something so drastic?Thomas' big breakthrough came after Wale heard one of her original compositions on You Tube and used it as a basis for his 2012 track "Bad." Before "Bad" was even released, Tiara was in talks with Rico to sign to his label.“I went and I played him three songs on the guitar, one of the songs was ‘Bad;’ before Wale had even heard it,” she told MTV News in 2013.

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But she insisted on blowing me off in front of my parents. ” He drove by to pick me up and we went to his house. That was until we got comfortable and started to make out!

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