Virgin births predating jesus

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Virgin births predating jesus

Background: Dionysus, a Greek God, and Osiris, an Egyptian God were viewed as mythical characters. His story has been found recorded in pyramid texts which were written prior to 2,500 BCE.

These and other saviors were truly interchangeable.

This is a very unusual event, because Hindus in India are known for their unusually high level of religious tolerance.

Many Hindus believe that all religion can lead their members to god.

December 25th was also recognized in ancient times as the birth day of various other god-men such as Attis and Mithra.

In addition, there are other points of similarity between Krishna and Yeshua:"The object of Krishna's birth was to bring about a victory of good over evil." 2 Krishna "came onto earth to cleanse the sins of the human beings." 2"Krishna was born while his foster-father Nanda was in the city to pay his tax to the king." 3 Yeshua was born while his foster-father, Joseph, was in the city to be enumerated in a census so that "all the world could be taxed."Jesus is recorded as saying: "if you had faith as a mustard seed you would say to the mountain uproot yourself and be cast into the ocean" Krishna is reported as having uprooted a small mountain.

4Were Krishna and Yeshua both crucified and later risen to heaven?

In addition to the above points of correspondence between Yeshua and Krishna, there may be one more similarity: they may have both been crucified.

A person who was initiated into one of the mysteries had no difficulty switching to another Pagan mystery religion.

Some named the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party as perpetrators.

However, that was denied by the local head of the party.

Many people witnessed their ascensions into heaven.

Graves stated that both Krishna and Yeshua were born on December 25.

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