Views on dating

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Views on dating

They are at liberty to use any of the old or modern measures to prevent conception.

Those who object to birth control by saying that it is against God's law to practise it, must realize that their concept regarding this issue is not reasonable.

It might be asked why Buddhist monks do not marry, since there are no laws for or against marriage.

The reason is obviously that to be of service to mankind, the monks have chosen a way of life which includes celibacy.

In birth control what is done is to prevent the coming into being of an existence.

There is no killing involved and there is no akusala kamma.

But if they take any action to have an abortion, this action is wrong because it involves taking away or destroying a visible or invisible life. When a female conceives, there is a being in her womb and this fulfills the first condition.

After a couple of months, she knows that there is a new life within her and this satisfies the second condition.

There are no religious laws in Buddhism compelling a person to be married, to remain as a bachelor or to lead a life of total chastity.

Those who renounce the worldly life keep away from married life voluntarily to avoid various worldly commitments in order to maintain peace of mind and to dedicate their lives solely to serve others in the attainment of spiritual emancipation.

Although Buddhist monks do not solemnize a marriage ceremony, they do perform religious services in order to bless the couples.

When the abortionist does his job, the fourth condition is provided for and finally, the being is killed because of that action. In this way, there is a violation of the First Precept 'not to kill', and this is tantamount to killing a human being.

According to Buddhism, there is no ground to say that we have the right to take away the life of another.

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The institution of marriage provides a fine basis for the development of culture, a delightful association of two individuals to be nurtured, and to be free from loneliness, deprivation and fear.