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EDIValidator goes one step further and validates the format of a data element based on the value of another data element.This is for situations where the format of an element changes based on the value of another element in the same segment.Simply enter your results into the stand-alone program to instantly view, print and save your linearity reports from your own computer.

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Sample job Stream to run the Batch Interface: //DMBATCH EXEC PGM=DMBATCH, PARM='YYSLYNN' //STEPLIB DD DISP=SHR, DSN=CD. The major components of CONNECT: Direct OS/390 are: - Data Transmission Facility (DTF), which executes user commands and processes.

- Application Program Interface (API), which enables user interfaces to communicate with the DTF.

Completed reports will be returned to you within five business days.

When you’re dealing with HIPAA you must make that your EDI file is created properly according to the HIPAA rules. If the value in an element is not in the correct format EDIValidator will warn.

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I couldn't understand functionality of those processes and purpose of those options.