Updating your wardrobe

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Updating your wardrobe

Satin stitch works best with smaller areas (see my little yellow stars and the pink circle) but you can definitely achieve a similar effect if you put your mind to it.

I’m wondering if this was a little trickier as I was working on a denim fabric – if you’re an embroidery expert, please do let me know!

_Rag & Bone, 6; Free People, ; Sold, 4_ Statement Necklaces Revitalize any look you already own by topping it off with a flashy necklace.

The inspiration behind my first project came mainly from the wonderfully woven artwork I’ve been following along on Instagram lately.

Embroidery may be a trend which flows in-and-out of the fashion cycle every other season but it’s actually a craft which originates from even as early as 300 AD (according to Stitches in Time).

Although I definitely had to head to You Tube for some tips on how to achieve different stitches, actually putting them into practice was far easier than I thought because it’s not too far removed from ordinary sewing.

I would recommend having a practice on a scrap piece of fabric (or maybe a t-shirt you could easily unpick on) so that you feel more confident when you start off.

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Make sure to top off the look with heels to balance out the casualness of the sweater. Crew”: Arrivals/sweaters/PRDOVR~95622/95622.jsp, $118_ Colorful Parka It’s inevitable: fall means that temperatures will cool down, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pack away your favorite dresses just yet.

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