Updating vmware esxi

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Updating vmware esxi

We have discussed how to start preparing for your v Sphere Upgrade by understanding the How & Why. This is where you may find yourself reviewing your findings within your environment as well as gathering the installation files and staging them for the Upgrade.It is very important to map out the order & steps of other VMware products within your environment so you fully understand which should be upgraded before or after v Center Server and ESXi.With this in mind, upgrading should now be at the forefront of your v Sphere Lifecycle Plan. To start, VMware provides many forms of documentation to assist with the installation or upgrade of VMware v Sphere starting with VMware Docs.The good news in regards to v Sphere 5.5 going EOL is that VMware has extended the general support for v Sphere 6.5 to a full five years from its release date, until November 15, 2021. The next key point will be to understand How to upgrade to v Sphere 6.5 /6.7 which will enable customers to reap the benefits of a SDDC software solution that is efficient and secure, and also fuels your digital transformation journey. The VMware Docs site has been updated to a much cleaner interface that includes better search capabilities across versions as well as an option to save documentation to My Library for quick access later.There is nothing worse than upgrading your environment to find out later that a 3rd party vendor has yet to have a compatible version that works with v Sphere.

Performing a v Sphere Health Check may be on of the best suggestions I can advise.

So before you dive into mounting your freshly downloaded v Sphere 6.7 ISO, do your homework here and consider any environments that you may have that are running on a version lower than v Sphere 6.0.

Begin with getting those older environments upgraded to a compatible v Sphere version prior to starting your v Sphere 6.7 upgrade.

After discussing How to upgrade we must naturally discuss Planning an upgrade.

The secret to upgrade success begins with proper planning.

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