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Updating the wiikey

The 3.43V pin can be connected to the 3.3V power supply on the GC motherboard directly.Although there are many locations with 3.3V I found it easiest to connect to the bottom of the board.

Step 5 - Uploading games If everything went well, adding games is very similar to the Updating process, except now we burn ISO files to the SD.Check the connectivity of the right most pin (from the diagram to the right), if it works, its safe to assume that all the other pins are in place.Now all that there is to do is to wire directly to the motherboard.It has since been continued, however an exact clone chip called the Wasp Fusion is still on the market.Interestingly, the Gamecube has a disc drive that follows extremely similar communication protocols as the Wii and thus, this Wiikey device can also be used on the Gamecube, provided that you want to permanently detach the disc drive and solder the Wiikey connections to the main board.

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