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Updating raised ranch facade

They picked this home trusting Chip and Joanna to deliver a French Country look to their sprawling ranch home, and the end result was amazing. Blue Cottage Renovation This is a great example of how small changes combine to make a BIG improvement! The addition of the gabled porch made a HUGE difference, but I also love the shutter removal, blue exterior, and yellow front door. If you could afford it and had the time, would you buy an old home and restore it? The floor to ceiling windows and covered porch makes the space! Colonial Renovation Source: Airoom This colonial style home received a major renovation, and I’m torn between which version I like better! The painted brick, addition of the rectangular windows, new front door & porch transformed this exterior. Gray Home Renovation Source: BHG The “before” of this home depicts a style of house commonly found across U. This is one of my favorite exterior transformations of the bunch. Grand Entrance Renovation Source: BHG Typically a porch addition makes all the difference, but in this home’s case the porch helped transform the home.

When we were househunting three years ago, I was one tough customer. We figured since the layout worked and it had a nice backyard, we could give the lady a face lift down the road. The stone patio first, then the garage, next the entry, and lastly the brick painted. I prefer not to have a garage in front of the house, but since we do, we’re making the best of it with a new trellis and decorative doors. The posts on the entry echo the design on the garage trellis.Whether you can only afford a few cans of paint, or whether you’re ready to completely renovate, these 20 home exterior makeover before and after ideas are sure to inspire!To be taken to the original picture source, click on the blue/gray text after each number. German Smear Technique This home was renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Southern Craftsman Source: Southern Living Creating a beautiful exterior isn’t just about adding more; sometimes you need to scale back!This “grounds” the house within the landscaping quite nicely. There are horizontal blinds with tape at each window. In addition, you often see siding that runs half-way up the sides of a ranch home – this also can split it in two horizontally.In addition, these techniques add visual interest by introducing another material to differentiate a ranch-box.

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