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Updating mysql

I tried to be a good citizen and modified the query to use a temp table of ids that would get updated: 0 to get around the safe update check, or even set SQL_SAFE_UPDATE=0, then I've lost the 'check' on my query.

I might as well just turn off the option permanently.

The job cannot be moved." Exit Sub End If new Area = area2 Else If Current = 2 Then If area3 = "---" Then Msg Box area2 " was the last area in the route.

The job cannot be moved." Exit Sub End If new Area = area3 Else If Current = 3 Then If area4 = "---" Then Msg Box area3 " was the last area in the route.

Here's the code we used when we created that column: However, you might encounter the following error if you try to do that: If you encounter the above error, it's because your My SQL connection is running in Safe Updates mode.

This helps prevent us from overwriting large amounts of data accidentally.

Connection to the server is good, and everything was running fine until an issue popped up in the updating function. Execute db Fail On Error Set qdef = Nothing ' REQUERY LIST BOXES list Remove Jobs.

Basically how that function works is that on a listbox control, all current job data is being queried from the "To Do" table. Execute db Fail On Error Set qdef = Nothing ' UPDATE SIMPLE QUERY Set qdef = Current Db.

Here is the code: Private Sub move Job2_Click() 'get the job number Job Num = Text31 Curr Area = DLookup("[Area]", "[To_Do]", "[Job_Number] =""" & Job Num & """") area1 = DLookup("[Area1]", "[Job Route]", "[Job Number] =""" & Job Num & """") area2 = DLookup("[Area2]", "[Job Route]", "[Job Number] =""" & Job Num & """") area3 = DLookup("[Area3]", "[Job Route]", "[Job Number] =""" & Job Num & """") area4 = DLookup("[Area4]", "[Job Route]", "[Job Number] =""" & Job Num & """") 'get what the current area is Current = DLookup("[Current]", "[Job Route]", "[Job Number] =""" & Job Num & """") 'if the current area is the first area then check to make sure there is a second 'if so, then set the new area to it If Current = 1 Then If area2 = "---" Then Msg Box area1 " was the last area in the route. Find First "[Job Number]=""" Text31 """" job Route. Also to note, the person who had told me this issue runs on an old Windows XP version, where once before on that computer there were known issues of the defined OBDC ANSI 5.3 Driver instance completely disappearing from Access' Data Source list before. That time, apparently the driver instance later re-appeared again magically in the D. Why is the value changed to something completely different on update? Private Sub move Job2_Click() Dim qdef As Query Def Dim select Paras As String ' UPDATE JOIN QUERY Set qdef = Current Db. I have an Access database file which stores a form for creating jobs, updating job sector, and deleting it from the My SQL table.There are two tables that are used for this form: a local one stored in Access called "Job Route" and another through MYSQL ODBC Driver, ANSI 5.3 version called "To Do".In this example we knew that apples had an column has been updated too, even though we didn't specify an update for that column.This is because, when we created the table, we set that column to be updated with the current date/time every time there was an update to the record.

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