Updating gpo

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Updating gpo

While this feature should not be used in day to day operation it is certainly nice know it exist out of the box in case you need to quickly make a policy change.A more detailed version of this post can be found at How to configure and use “Group Policy Update” in Windows 8 via the Group Policy Central web site.Alan Burchill been in the IT Industry for over 10 year of which the past two he is has been a Group Policy MVP.He is the owner and author of the Group Policy Central web site and is one of the organizers of the Brisbane Microsoft Infrastructure Users Group and upcoming Infrastructure Saturday community event.One very important note about this feature is that admins will need to open up some holes in the client firewall to allow this incoming connection to make the schedule task.This can, of course, also be done via group policy.

One of the great new features that Microsoft has added to Windows 8 is now the ability to force a group policy update to run.

Using the Windows as Service (Waa S) servicing program there are two branch readiness levels to obtain features updates.

The “Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted)” readiness level is the default option that every device is enrolled out-of-the-box, and this level receives upgrades immediately after a new version of Windows 10 releases.

This is why Microsoft only allows admins to perform a group policy update on an OU and not the entire domain.

However, it has been tested on over 10,000 computers at once with a single (presumably very powerful) domain controller, so it is pretty safe if all you are updating is a shortcut or something along those lines.

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