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Updating client information

To purchase additional client licenses, click the Purchase button below the list.

The subject of installing Retrospect Client software on your Macintosh, Windows, or Linux computers is covered in Chapter 1. When backing up network clients, Retrospect needs certain network access that is not enabled by default with most firewalls.

If you choose to use individual passwords, you will be prompted to enter those passwords when you install the Retrospect Client software.

Public/Private Key is a method by which Retrospect Clients running Mac OS X 10.4 or later can be logged into a Retrospect server automatically through use of matching encryption key sets. If your backup computer has multiple network interfaces, the Retrospect application and Retrospect Client software automatically switch to the next available network interface if the primary interface is not available.

Retrospect will work with as many clients as you have licensed. Retrospect’s license manager keeps track of your client licenses with the license codes you enter.

Client license codes are included with most Retrospect for Macintosh products and are also available separately in Retrospect Clients Packs.

In addition, this chapter explains how to add other networked resources, such as servers and network shares, to Retrospect to be backed up.

Finally, you’ll find advice about how to best set up your network backups.

Retrospect provides three ways to test and maintain that connection: Refresh, Locate, and Test Address.

To view current licenses, choose Retrospect Preferences, then click on the Licenses tab.

If there is more than one server listed in the list on the left, click the server for which you wish to view the licenses.

If you have more than one Retrospect server, you can conveniently administer them all from a single installation of the Retrospect console application.

To back up clients, first install the Retrospect Client software on each of the client computers.

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Warning: If the firewall is set to the “Allow only essential services” setting when the Retrospect client software is installed, or is changed to the setting after the client is installed and has been added to Retrospect’s Sources, Retrospect will not be able to communicate with the client.

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