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Updating bt home hub

From another PC, you can enter the address provided by Dyn DNS to connect to the Hub remotely.

Another option is to use the excellent - this lets you access your home PC from any other PC in the world over the Internet, and therefore access your BT Home Hub from your home PC's browser. Thanks for Adrian for asking about a Playstation 3 and the BT Home Hub, in Show 13 of our podcast.

[Read more: How to boost your home wi-fi] Discover the technology BT uses to keep your home wi-fi safe.

All BT Hub’s include a built-in security system that protects your wi-fi network.

He wants to know if he can go online with the Ps3 and a Home Hub using an Ethernet cable.

The Ps3 has an Ethernet port, and can be plugged into a router such as the BT Home Hub with a standard male-to-make RJ45 Ethernet cable.

Yes - it's possible - The trick is to get all of the computers to be in the same IP address range, to make sure the Hub and all PCs use the same subnet address, and to get the PCs to use the router's Gateway IP address. The Windows XP Networking tool can be very helpful with setting up file sharing and connectivity between machines.

Some online services and products need to know what IP address your home broadband connection uses, so that it can connect to your equipment remotely.

Well, you could consider using wireless to connect extra equipment to the Home Hub. With an Ethernet Switch, you connect an Ethernet cable from the Home Hub to the input of the Ethernet Switch, and can then use the ports on the Ethernet Switch to connect extra equipment.If you want to use a service that connects into your home system remotely, you can use the next best thing to a fixed IP address - a service like Dyn DNS.With Dyn DNS, you sign up for a free account and create a free unique 'hostname', such as myname.You can then set up your Home Hub to automatically send your IP address to the hostname.The practical upshot of this is that your Home Hub 'updates' Dyn DNS with your Home Hub's dynamic IP address, meaning that hostname always points to the correct IP address.

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