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Otherwise you will create a desynchronization between your primary and secondary servers.

This mean that some user will get the new data while some will get the old.

To validate your zone, you can use the following tools Zonemaster DNSViz If your zone is dynamic, you first need to freeze the zone = a sequence number in case you update your zone more than once in the day.

This number must increase at every zone update to make sure secondary name servers get the update properly.

indicates a DNS node tree and will typically start a DNS zone file.To enable this, add the block This will show you the last lines of the log. RFC 1912 recommends between 20 minutes and 12 hours.Keep it to 12 hours if your secondary name servers support notify..It is possible for a zone to be the authority for its own name server.For example, the name servers for the zone are ns1.google.com, ns2...

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Increasing this value allows remote nameservers to cache the zone information for a longer period of time, reducing the number of queries for the zone and lengthening the amount of time required to propagate resource record changes. Note that when two nameservers are listed as authoritative for the domain, it is not important whether these nameservers are secondary nameservers, or if one of them is a primary server.