Updating awstats Free online erotic chat bots

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Updating awstats

You can build your urlalias file manually or use tool (provided with 5.4 ) Plugin provided with AWStats (5.2 ) Converts the timezone of log files before processing using the offset provided in the parameters.This is useful for some IIS users if logs are stored in GMT or for users who have servers in a different timezone.

Note: You must choose between using this plugin or the Geo IPfree plugin (need Perl Geo:: IPfree module, database is free but not up to date).When editing your AWStats configuration, you have to specify if you want to use memory or file lookups.Specify GEOIP_STANDARD for file lookups or GEOIP_MEMORY_CACHE for memory loading.There is a a C/Perl library that will run quickly and there is a pure Perl API that is a little slower but does not require any C depdencies.Choose one of the APIs and install it on your machine.: Each Geo IP database can be loaded entirely into memory or lookups can scan through the file.

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If you want City detail, you do need to purcahse the Country and Region databases, just the City database.