Traditional dating customs contemparary dating etiquette

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Traditional dating customs

Or at the very least you can add some lovely traditions and Irish Wedding Customs from the Gaelic history of Ireland to your big day. It is not unheard of for hundreds of guests to attend a fancy hotel for a swanky reception, for children in formal attire to be employed as page boys, ring bearers and even seating attendants!

Some modern couples spurn the traditional Church setting preferring to be wed on a Caribbean beach or perhaps in a foreign Church (with blessings in Rome always proving popular). Irish history is veneered with centuries of oppression that was particularly harsh in respect of the Catholic religion.

The other 1% are comprised of individuals practicing Christianity and Judaism but have declined since early in the year 2000.

Wedding etiquette depends on how traditional or modern the wedding is.

This made sense as it was the day when the working week was done and people were free to attend the simple marriage ceremonies that were available at the time.

As the decades and years rolled by and as the Catholic religion developed and reasserted itself in Ireland, the choice of Sunday became frowned upon as it was often seen as a mark of disrespect.

They have adopted Westernized styles of dressing including tuxedos and white Turkish wedding dresses.

Turkish wedding rings are used during the ceremony and are also called puzzle rings.

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The 16th Century Penal Laws prevented Priests from saying Mass never mind conducting the Sacrament of Marriage. The last of the Penal Laws was not repealed in Ireland until 1920.

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