The gridview gridview1 fired event rowupdating which wasnt handled

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Ensure that you re-bind the gridview after delete so that the changes are shown on postback.

You are trying with a command name of Delete for your delete button.

Data Bind() End Sub To fix this, I had to take a closer look at my datasource and datakeys.

New Page Index Load Employee List() 'FUNCTION FOR DATASET grd Employees.

When a native SQL procedure is first called (say, following the most recent START of a DB2 subsystem), its package will be loaded from the DB2 directory table space called SPT01 (often referred to as the skeleton package table) into a part of the DB2 EDM pool called the skeleton pool.

Also check the number of free pages in the pool (I like to see a number of free page that is at least 10% of the total number of pages in the skeleton pool), and the skeleton pool hit ratio (the percentage of package allocation requests that were satisfied out of the skeleton pool, as opposed to requiring a package load from the skeleton package table in the DB2 directory -- I like to see a hit ratio of 99% or more for a production DB2 subsystem).

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I tend to use business objects in my applications so using the standard data controls doesn't work very well, nor would it really buy much in terms of abstraction.

I have already set allow paging to true and page size to 5.

ı have been traying to create dynamic control panel using webusercontrol , delegate,and ADO.

So I'm taking a few minutes - for my own sake - to write this stuff down so I can look it up next time I have a brain fart Using a Button Field you can specify a Command Name which in turn provides the On Row Command event some context as to what type of operation you are dealing with in Code Behind.

In Code Behind you have to do a bit of work though if you want to retrieve the proper context from a Data Item.

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As mentioned, what's true for a native SQL procedure's package, memory-residency-wise, is true for packages in general.

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