Tag and dating

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Tag and dating

Unlike the other websites we've reviewed here in our website, dating doesn't seem to be the main agenda in Tagged.Your daily matches isn't the primary thing on your homepage.When you view someone's profile, you'll find the standard font and a clean, white background.The functions, which were jam-packed on the homepage of the website, are properly arranged in the app. Pets is a really entertaining game and I've managed to buy the most pets in a few days thanks to dedication (and paying real cash). It's a great place to waste time without feeling like I'd be judged because I'm playing against fellow adults.Never really got a date there but that's not what I use the site for. Kind of a turn off but again, I'm not here to look at profiles.

Tagged is widely commended for continuously growing and not dying out during the rise of Facebook.

The presence of games makes it feel less like an online dating website and more like a social network for people of all ages.

On the main page you are bombarded with potential matches, pets you should buy on the game, and a feed with constant updates from members. The posts and photos dangerously lean towards pornographic, which is worrying because there are a lot of minors on this site.

As you buy more pets, your value increases and you get cash bonuses.

If you're bought by someone, your value will increase by 10%. It's a buy-and-sell trade game, and your value only really decreases if you become inactive in the game.

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