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Strict asian parents dating

Things were good for a while, but shit went down my mom went snooping and found evidence of birth control in my room.

They were furious over the fact that I never introduced him as my 'boyfriend' but rather as a 'friend'...

I know this isn't the best advice but the only way to get around it is to lie about it. There's no need for them to know every single detail of your life.

I introduced my boyfriend as a friend first so that I could get them used to the idea of him being around me a lot (as I was still living at home).I eventually just jumped ship all the way and 'betrayed' them.I think even my other relatives on my dad's side understood and never really 'shamed' me about 'betraying' my parents. In a way, I guess they understood that my parents are friggin nuts.My test to gain them back would be gaining back their trust through good grades and a "change of behavior".Of course I wouldn't be submitting a text post if I haven't been experiencing any internal conflict of some sort relating to my upbringing, so my problem is this: I have a boyfriend at the moment (met him at university and he is non-asian) and am hiding this fact away from my parents and live my day-to-day life in fear of them finding out.

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I have told them I will tell them the day before if I were ever to get married so it wouldn't give them time to judge my spouse. If you want to hide, just don't tell them about it. I hid my boyfriend for a couple of years and then it suddenly got out that I was in a relationship with someone. I just wanted to have some harmony while living my life so much so that I 'kept up' the image that my parents had of me in front of everyone else while secretly doing things I wanted to do.