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There were periods of time when this was not consistently done, (between 19), and there are certainly other examples of short periods of time, and individual pieces, where the dating was simply omitted.

In case of no serial or poorly to read, the electronic components of an electric guitar can be a clue.

A “KC” prefix was introduced on Korean-made instruments in 1997, designating instrument made in Korea at the Cort factory.

The letter prefix is followed by an eight-digit number, the first two digits of which identify year of manufacture, (i.e., , , etc.).

The production code of the potentiometers, for example, can give an indication of the year of construction ofthe guitar.

Although Fender began producing Fender and Squier instruments in Korea in 1988, its digital records only go back to mid-1993, with little if any information available on serial numbering from 1988 through 1992.

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The remaining six digits are the unit identifier, but they are not sequential and do not provide further identification information about the instrument.