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Speed dating team building activity

Or do the expert speakers, and panelists attract the crowd? The direct benefit is that attendees get the opportunity to network with experts and interact with fellow attendees at the same time.Sharing experiences in a group setting provides an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange on one specific topic.No matter how many hands are shaken at conferences, there will always be a little uneasy about approaching strangers.By offering speed networking as part of your conference program, you eliminate this barrier.

If done right, speed networking will provide one more added value: by helping to match the right individuals, which immediately raises the value of attending your conference.After a brief introduction by the expert, each attendee has 1 minute to introduce themselves and to spell out specifics they would like discussed. Allow a maximum of 3 minutes for each attendee’s introduction and topic.For a total of 10 attendees, a 30-minute round would be the maximum. Interaction with a fairly large number of people is possible in one setting, so I recommend this format for larger conferences.Which connections are most relevant to your attendees?Is the thought of interacting with fellow attendees getting the masses to register for your event?

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If your attendees want to get one-on-one attention from experts, speed networking on an individual basis might be the best approach.