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Speed dating lesson plan esl

) – these were all factors behind this really simple activity being successful.I got quite a lof of feedback from the students right after the class and it was overwhelmingly positive.Please consider sharing the printable worksheets (doc/docx) and powerpoints (ppt, pptx) you created or type in your teaching tips and ideas ("UPLOAD" menu) for others to benefit from!Speaking activities often rely on pairing students up with the same speaking partner.I have been quite lucky teaching groups of eager and talkative students who don’t shy away from expressing their opinions and interacting with their classmates.Or so I have thought until I realized that even though each group I teach is different, the dynamic is pretty much the same: students keep doing all speaking activities with the same partners and with each lesson they have less and less to talk about.This resulted in lazy speaking, relying on their partner too much, getting away with “I don’t know, it depends” and general apathy during speaking practice which could potentially be the most interesting and engaging part of the class.

If they have differing opinions, they might try to persuade their partner and change their mind.You might arrange the desks in a horseshoe or a single row with chairs on both sides of each table.This way students will be facing each other while they discuss each topic.At the end of each discussion they should write down the Result (have they managed to change their partner’s mind?Did they both agree with each other to begin with and just exchanged similar opinions?

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The choice of topics was actually secondary to the fast-paced, dynamic setup of the activity.