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In order to be successful at tracking and managing this journey, you need to find the right metrics for your business.

With this reporting in place, you can identify the key drivers that move the process toward a sale – and a profitable lifetime relationship.

The best thing that you can do is to try to relax and not worry about the outcome.

Getting a bit of advice might help to put your mind at ease, but you shouldn't stress out about the idea of speed dating.

What metrics do you track to measure the success of your awareness campaigns? Be sure to download the e Book, The New Marketing Metrics for B2B, to get the customer lifecycle metrics for every stage of the journey, as well as a five-step plan to help you analyze your business process and continually improve the results of your marketing.

Speed dating can be really fun but it can also be a little hectic, so you may be interested in speed dating advice to get the most out of the experience.You can focus your resources on what’s working and adjust or eliminate what’s not.And you can continually refine your approach to improve results over time.Choose a primary metric to focus on and a couple of secondary metrics to track. And remember, you don’t want to just report and analyze trends, you’ll want to make sure the analysis is actionable.When it comes to attracting attention and creating awareness, the key is to measure every activity that’s intended to increase your visibility and share of audience.

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That’s why identifying and tracking the metrics that matter most, throughout every stage of the journey, is so important to your success.

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