Sophia bush and mark foster dating

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Sophia bush and mark foster dating

Also a picture of the pool where Jamie almost drowns and Nanny Carrie took some swims, *eye roll*.

We actually never made it here but would 100% go if I ever go back to Wilmington.

Nope, just checking out where Peyton caught Lucas first looking at her artwork after he had fixed her car with the help of Keith.

Later Lucas brings Jamie to the shop and teaches him how to fix cars, so sweet.

We recall their newly wed days living there and then Brooke also living there while Haley was on tour.

It isn't actually on Plantation Road I don't think but put that in your GPS and you just have to drive around a little bit.Torn between the sweet, underdog Lucas and tough, popular boy Nathan, people became hooked through the family and relationship drama the characters went through.To this day new fans arise since "One Tree Hill" is thankfully on Netflix.Seeing the details of the house and the yard (from street view of course) just proved this was the perfect house for Dan Scott.Had to put three pictures for this house because, wow! Major shout out to my mom and sister for getting some pictures of the backyard where they played football in one episode.

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Here are the locations with addresses so all you other fans can enjoy Wilmington and get to see the locations that set some of the biggest scenes in "One Tree Hill".

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