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Smack the pony video dating

Among the show's regular themes were unsuccessful relationships, competition in the workplace and latent lesbianism, but sketches would also dip into the surreal; such as two women jumping from their car as they neared a parking space, and brushing in front of the path of their car to help it move further forward, as in curling.

The show's popular theme tune was Dusty Springfield's song In the Middle of Nowhere, sung by Jackie Clune.

It was notable for the main cast being entirely female, the male characters and performers usually only having bit parts.

The comedy style is surreal and often nonsensical, with quick, rapid-fire skits that tend to feature otherwise normal, everyday situations with one really off-the-wall element inserted and taking up most of the focus — such as a boss who tells off her employees in silly voices, an otherwise shy woman having dozens of nude paintings of herself in her living room and asking guests not to look at the paintings, a wife keeping her husband awake, first by hogging the covers and then by playing the drums in her sleep.

The female cast members are going about their daily business when a totally naked man walks across the screen, gets off from bus etc.

and causes the women to faint, then they pick themselves up.

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The 2nd spots this and smugly brings out a slightly bigger bottle.

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