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Our Spain by Train singles vacation reveals the strong impact of Moorish, Jewish and Christian influences on the history of Spain.Experience the culture, taste the food and enjoy the differences between Spain's regions and cities.Spain offers an intriguing blend of cultures and traditions dating back centuries...from Barcelona's historic quarter to the museums in Madrid, discover Flamenco in Seville and stroll the cobblestone streets of Cordoba and Toledo.It brings together the bustling and cosmopolitan culture, leisure, traditional gastronomy, popular places and all types of shops.Tonight meet and greet with your tour leader and your fellow single travelers then walk to a local restaurant for an optional dinner.So if you think it may a good fit for you, why not try one of the many speed dating services in town? Singles Dating Barcelona guarantees your satisfaction, which means that if you don’t feel a connection with anyone in your speed dating session, you are welcome to go to another session for free.

Use the hop-on bus to finish your day in Barcelona.

Our morning will start will with a tour of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, the center of the old town.

Alongside the medieval buildings are remains of an ancient Roman city, and the Temple d'August, the best preserved Roman relic in Barcelona.

The company organizes various speed dating events, which usually gather people around the same age. Each girl sits at a different table and is then joined by guys, who change seats every 7 minutes.

The idea is to have each person meet between 10 and 15 people of the opposite sex. This Meetup group organizes speed dating events where you can meet new people while enjoying great cocktails and cheerful music.

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Vacation Day 4: Barcelona to Seville This morning we transfer to the Barcelona train station for our train to Seville, where Flamenco dancing originates an its rich tradition continues today in the city's 'tablaos'.