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D., when he saw it: a deep red blanket protruding from a ditch. 28, 1981, and so he pulled the car over and stepped out into the dirt and cold.

He knelt down to see what it was, as he later recounted to the Argus Leader.

His daughter, Crystal Oestreich, told KSFY she grew up treating the baby like her own brother, too, accompanying her dad to the marble gravestone every so often.

On Friday, they went back again, she said, and left him a sock monkey and teddy bear.

The idea is to identify an unidentified suspect or victim by matching their DNA with family members who agreed to make it available on the public websites. “We went out there on that date for a reason,” Webb said.

In this case, Baby Andrew’s apparent family members were all from Sioux Falls, Webb said. The news of Bentaas’s arrest came as a relief to Litz, who had spent years agonizing over memories of the dead baby lying in the ditch.

On Friday, the Sioux Falls Police Department announced that it believes it found her.

After all these years, she was still living in Sioux Falls.

She was not among those who attended the baby’s funeral, Webb said.

In the blanket, he found a baby — with tears frozen on his cheeks. “To see a child thrown away like that — how could someone do that?

By the time Litz found him, the baby had been lying in the ditch for roughly 24 hours, the coroner would soon rule. ” Litz told the Argus Leader as the 35th anniversary of the crime neared, when police still had no idea who had left the baby in the ditch.

The technique, which blends DNA analysis with traditional genealogy, has led to numerous high-profile cold case arrests, including the alleged Golden State killer.

Experts at private labs take advantage of public genealogy websites such as GEDMatch, where people submit their DNA to build their own family tree or identify long-lost family members.

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An attorney for Bentaas could not be immediately located.

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