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Sexi pheran

The court issued the directive after it found a government officer in court not “in proper dress”.

The order does not mention any particular form of attire.

While there are cable channels which, without doubt, have an effect on the people but banning it is a stupidity. It is the Kashmiri, devoid of any entertainment, who will suffer.

Those involved rarely are effected by bans on cable television. TV is the only entertainment he has and snatching it away from him is inhumanity.

With Congress and PDP in power we are already enslaved and humiliated, everything else is a perk.

These militant groups would have known about the presence of the s.e.x rings earlier as well, why didn’t they act then? They seem to be least bothered about the presence of such brothels, if they were, they would have taken some action as and when such s.e.x-rings came into their notice.

He probably owes an apology to Kashmiris, but never mind we are a tolerant people.

A s.e.x racket, whose investigations were revealed to the press, has shook the valley for the past one week.

According to reports politicians, police, BSF and top businessmen are involved in this s.e.x scandal.

The names of the girls involved have been revealed but not of those in power.

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“There is an official dress code but we cannot ignore the significance of pheran,” said Mohammad Shafi War.

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