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Posted by / 17-Dec-2019 03:34

So if you really enjoy sex, then now is the time to become uninhibited and enjoy yourself with someone you love who loves you as well.Oh, let me get back on topic because you are reading this to discover how to keep your man out of another woman’s bed, right?Not that it has anything to do with you, but more importantly it is a flaw in his own character.A flaw that is exploited by what he has been told on a regular basis by his male counterparts and society.If he is getting sexual satisfaction when he wants and when you want, he’ll be less likely to look elsewhere because he’ll be too busy being satisfied at home.

Don’t wait until he wants you, let him know that not only do you want him but you need him to fulfill your needs as well. Eventually you and he will become balanced in the bedroom.

The only unhappy party in this equation is the adult toy industry since you’ll have little need for that device you’ve hidden away in the closet in that shoe box.

Jumping into another woman’s bed will be the last thing on his mind ever, because there is something else that is said that you may have never heard.

So what women tend to do is they wait for the male to request sex and if she is in the mood, OK, it can be done.

If she is not, then he’s pissed because you’ve rebuked him.

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Comedians have made jokes about these same issues and men as well as women have all laughed, at least until it became real for the man in your life. Women of course have been victims of societal views as well. You’re supposed to suppress your sexual urges, act like a lady, right.