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Namely, the Internet and its comprising spaces of community provide access to victims who might otherwise not be viable targets for crime if it were not for their presence in cyberspace (Cox, Johnson, & Richards, 2009; D’Ovidio & O’Leary, 2006).

Social networking websites, chat rooms, and instant messaging services, for example, place children in environments devoid of traditional guardians (e.g.

In the next section, we explore criminogenic considerations concerning online communities. Next, we report the results and discuss the findings and implications for the criminal justice system.

Just like past innovations in communication, computers have created new opportunities for crime.This research also looks at adult-child sex advocacy websites as environments where interested parties can learn criminal behavior.We were particularly interested in examining these websites for content that exposes users to rationalizations for crimes involving the sexual exploitation of children.This study reports on a content analysis of 64 websites that promote, advocate, and convey information in support of sexual relationships between adults and children to determine whether these sites were structured as learning environments for crimes involving the sexual exploitation of children.The findings indicate that the adult-child sex advocacy websites examined are criminogenic in that they contain a myriad of communication tools (e.g.

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They include exchanges with individuals, primary groups, secondary groups, and reference groups.

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