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Sex dating in tomah wisconsin

to try to recognize the signs of when something might be a little deeper than what it first appears," Gruenke said.Life may not be the same now for Lisa, but she's finding purpose as she works with state representatives to raise awareness on sex trafficking."So it would be difficult to have somebody testify to these things and be allowed to be cross examined so that might be the bar in this case, why it can't go forward," said Gruenke.However, the new potential laws in Wisconsin's state assembly could prevent cases like Jeffrey's from continuing to happen."In the last couple of years there has been a big push to educate all of the people within the system, police, prosecutors, victim advocates."When you find out how traffickers look for kids and look for young people it could be anywhere at anytime."He developed a relationship with those men, who convinced him of a different way he could be making more money."And when you're pretty down and out on your luck like Jeffrey was, you know he was barely making it on his own, of course he said yes."Not long after he met the men who would soon become his alleged traffickers, Jeffrey's mom says his drug addiction was used against him, and he was forced to have sex with women he didn't know, in exchange for money.

"He told police that he had sex with at least ten women, that he had been beaten up twice, that he was abused, he had all the drugs he wanted, he had a place to live, a phone, they took care of him but he had been trafficked during that entire time frame."But the information he provided detectives with, was limited and often times missing key parts.

(WKBT) - Sex trafficking is the focus of a new effort by Wisconsin's Department of Justice.

As awareness of the crime grows, the assembly is currently working on new bills to help protect victims and prosecute abusers.' News 8 Investigates' reported on the hidden and illicit nature of sex trafficking in our January report.

"He was struggling with different rehabs and hospitals and trying to figure out what to do.

At 17, Jeffrey started working at a night club in Madison, where she says he met his alleged traffickers.

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"It was difficult to look at the photos."Photos of Jeffrey show he was possibly under the influence, they show other men, but their faces are usually cropped out. She suggests it's the alleged traffickers way of showing they had power over her son.