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Security exchange not updating

In fact, I'm asked it so often that I wonder why I haven't written this FAQ before.

So here it is, and hopefully this will provide the information that people need.

If you're looking for more information to understand which versions of Exchange are supported, and why you should keep your servers updated, please refer to my best practices article.

The order that you install Exchange Server updates in will depend on the version of Exchange that you're referring to.

How to handle updates for existing servers The steps for updating Exchange 2010 servers depends on which service pack you're currently running.

If you're running RTM, SP1, or SP2, you'll need to install SP3 first, then apply the latest update rollup.

Is there any way to get the information stored in Credential Manager to update at the same time the password is changed?

This is not necessarily the end of the world, but is somewhat inconvenient and it just feels like something that can be solved without a workaround...

I'm often asked questions about which order Exchange Server updates need to be installed in.

A service pack is a complete build of the product that includes all previous updates.

An update rollup applies to a specific service pack, and includes all previous updates that were included in previous update rollups for that service pack.

I am calling this out because some customers get confused and think that they should install SP1, and then upgrade to the latest CU.

Although SP1 is supported, How to handle updates for existing servers Because each CU is a full build of the product and includes all previous updates, you can upgrade from any earlier CU to the latest CU.

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What you should install for new servers When you're installing a new Exchange 2010 server, you should install the latest service pack, followed by the latest update rollup for that service pack.