Sav not updating

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Sav not updating

This is because Spotlight indexes the quarantine folder when a file is quarantined there.

To work around this, in the Spotlight preferences, put the quarantine folder into the list of excluded folders.

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Hi all, We are upgrading from NAV 7.6 to Symantec Anti Virus (SAV) 9.0 here at work.

They are all picking up their policies from the server and are displaying our customised message that pops up when the virus definitions get out of date so it's strange that they don't see there is a virus update too.

Some of the clients are just keeping the virus definitions that were part of the install (13th Feb 2004) but some seem to have picked up an update but then stopped picking any further ones up.

I am experiencing two problems but this question is specifically about the clients that are failing to recieve virus definitions updates from the server.

The failing clients are a mixture of XP, 2000, NT and are all on different hardware so I can find no similarities there.

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