Sagittarius dating a pisces who is benji dating

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Sagittarius dating a pisces

Your coworkers love you because it’s always a good day when you’re clocked in, and you know how to put a smile on all of their faces!The only thing is, it’s easy for you to be taken advantage of because of it. You’re just as lovable and charismatic without trying to please everyone, and you can connect deeper with others and not be pushed around when you cut the superficial, friendly act. Of course you have—you’re a water sign—but other people wouldn’t know it, with how much you lock them away.

Watch out for fair-weather friends who won’t offer you the same support you’d offer them—hazy Pisces can bring freeloaders like this out of the woodwork.A fun bonus of Venus in Pisces is a higher chance of financial gifts like an inheritance or extra-huge tax return!Virgo While Venus is in your opposite sign, your one-on-one relationships become the focus.Expect to have run-ins with people from different cities or countries now, and if you develop any serious crushes, don’t be surprised if it’s on someone who isn’t your usual cup of tea!Leo Fire signs have a reputation for being very “me, me, me,” and you’re especially known for having a big ego.

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Gemini You’re standing out more than ever with Venus in Pisces, especially in the professional realm.

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