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Runescape dating clans

LEAF clan is now gone, and copy-cat clans have sprung up.

LEAF clan was THE LARGEST clan in Toontown history, and was a kind clan that helped others and stopped hackers. If you ask me clans are a waste of time unless you are into Pk'ing and the sort or skilling 24/7.

You can also start a thread in that same place, asking which clan other players think you'd be a best fit in.

Another place you can watch out for clans that are recruiting is in the in-game chat.

One of the best places you can look for clans is in the clan recruitment section of the EU World of Tanks Blitz forum.if they want you in theyll tell you what to do from there. personally i have started two clans and never joined any clans. gamespy allows you to become friends with your clan. next you should start a server saying somthing like this: your clan name tryouts/hang that will get people to join. If you pay the .00 to get 'Premium' COD Elite membership, then you can form a clan, or participate in a clan, which can level up over time.As the clans levels up, paying members earn double XP, and special titles and emblems etc.if i'm happy doing what i do why do you have to bug me about it i didnt ask you to say anything!! i really enjoy having a gf and its not like ur gonna explode if u dont say something about it right? i dont know mabye you guys know, anyone wanna comment?so yea thats about it please say what u wanna say unless ur another moron looking to flame mep.s: this is sorta my first real forum post so try to go easy on me ok?

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thanks"good luck with that"-ok so i wanna know whats peoples big deal with freakin internet dating i mean come on i have a girlfriend on runescape nothing bad happens and yet i am constantly showered with comments like "wow thats lame" or "internet dating?

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