Royce basketball wives dating brian

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Royce basketball wives dating brian

I was on the phone with my Que ( Omega Man) and straight up turned around with Royce with her butt in the air!!!! I think that they should finish the fight until one of them falls out. but you talk so damn much that you cant remember what you said. And did she just say that the doctor can seperate the boys from the girls? I might have to get married and then go do invetro to get my 2 boys and 1 girl and then take my female insides out. That way I can get EXACTLY what I want and be done. I mean they act like these females are the only ones who are friends in the area. And I swear if they name these boys Pepe & Estevon…. Trick, shut up and keep your mouth closed and you wont have to worry about people making stuff up about you.

Suzie is of a multiracial ethnicity-her father was an American whereas her mother Chinese.

As long as they are not fucking then that isall good.

I would have got up like I was faking to leave and then circled around and clocked a hoe. I will have to rewind and find out what the hell just went down.

why are they giving semen samples and they are not even married yet?

And did Royce just say that she would want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth…..

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Although he is the son of a billionaire, Rory John Gates’ father revealed that none of his children will be inheriting his money (except a million dollars each) and will be working for themselves.

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